The Evolution of the Owner


Austin Lopez


Austin was born in Phoenix, Arizona and lived there until he moved to Cupertino, California for high school. Throughout these formative stages, Austin did everything music. A trombone, tuba, and baritone (go brass!) player, Austin gratefully accepted the highest honor available -- the John Philip Sousa Award -- from his band director because he lived and breathed marching band, symphonic orchestra, jazz band, and concert band throughout high school; which happened to be one of the most competitive in the state when it came to music.

On to college, Austin shifted gears and headed toward biology, with an emphasis in nutrition because he wanted to help people get healthier. After graduating with a BS in Human Biology from UC San Diego, he decided to become a personal trainer with the intent of interning to become a registered dietician. Realizing he actually had more control over people's health because he was able to manage their exercise as well, Austin continued to rank up his fitness expertise until he left the chain gyms to go out on his own.

In building and running Ausome Fit LLC, he developed a number of marketing and brand-building skills necessary to ramp up a clientele quickly and sustainably. In the process, he (and his company) appeared in a number of online and print magazines, including Men's Health, Women's Health, GQ, Livestrong, Greatist, Popsugar, Redbook, Parsley Health, and Brit + Co.

Later, Austin was pulled into P.S. Your Career as Head of Marketing, where he created and managed a number of the design elements used by the company, including the website, marketing collateral, social media content, and -- most relevantly -- helped to build the P.S. Your Career Podcast from the ground up. He easily adapted his brand-building skills gained from Ausome Fit to the podcast to help it grow to become a nationally recognized one.

While an audio-related profession was seemingly in-the-makings early on, little did he know it would come in the passion that came with podcasting. Naturally, this grew into a business that would utilize all of these skills, marketing through freelance, audio editing and podcast production, and music composition as he could manage all of the pieces needed to make the product work and stand out from the crowd.