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The Teen Life Coach Podcast

A podcast in which the host(s) help guide young women develop confidence and face their fears.

What I did for them: Sami recently took over the podcast from her co-host. I helped to ensure that her album covers were consistent across all distribution lists.

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The Conscientious Art of Non-Adulting

A podcast centered on the extraordinary life experiences of the host and how she's grown from them.

What I did for them: Helped to develop the ideas and stories she had into a full-fledged podcast, editing and post-processing, as well as social media image template design.

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P.S. Your Career Podcast

A podcast about careers and anxiety-inducing work questions.

What I did for them: Host, music creation, editing and post-production, podcast hosting site management, social media distribution and management.

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Lopez Learn Cast

A podcast about the hobbies and pastimes of friends and family.

What I did for them: Logo design, album art design, music/jig creation, post production and editing and general distribution.